Emer O`Callaghan



Emer holds a Bsc in Food Marketing and Entrepreneurship and completed a MBS in Managerial Information and Managerial Accounting Systems, both from University College Cork. After completing her thesis she began working as a Research Officer with the National Suicide Research Foundation in December 2014. Emer works closely with Eileen Williamson with respect to the financial aspects of the NSRF. Emer provides support to her colleagues with respect to travel, IT and finance. She is currently working on the NSRF website and updating it to provide information in a way that everyone can understand. Emer is also working on the Annual Report 2014, this provides the public with information about the NSRF and the work they have carried out in 2014, along with financial statements.


Tel: +353 (0) 21 490 5548

Email: emer.ocallaghan@ucc.ie