Marco Bennardi



Marco graduated from the School of Psychology Master’s Degree Program at University of Florence (Italy), with a degree in Clinical and Health Psychology on 28 February 2012. His thesis, from which an abstract was published in the journal Psychology & Health, is concerned with the relationship between negative affectivity and withdrawal symptom during smoking cessation. After graduation, he spent 6 month internship as a researcher assistant, participating in a research project focused upon infants’ emotional development, at the University of Surrey (United Kingdom).

He completed a Postgraduate Specialisation and Advanced Professional Training Course in School and Learning Disabilities Psychology at the University of Florence in November 2013, with an experimental survey on the relationship between anxiety and learning disabilities in children and adolescents. Furthermore, he has almost five years of experience working in local psychosocial and educational environments. He also spent 6 months in Neubrandenburg (Germany) at a European exchange program in a social field.
He applied for the position at National Suicide Research Foundation Ireland because he has an enormous interest in Clinical Psychology and Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry. He is interested in doing research that could help to prevent mental disorders and addictions, especially in young people. In his first paper he compared factors associated with suicide among young people and adults in Ireland on socio-demographic characteristics, methods of suicide, toxicology, and alcohol and drugs at time of death. The second paper aims to identify risk factors for long-term repetition of self-harm among children, adolescents and young adults presented in hospital emergency departments in Ireland.

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