Epidemiology of Deliberate Self Harm and Suicide

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Deliberate Self-Harm


  1. National Registry of Deliberate Self Harm
  2. Comparison between DSH patients involved in self-cutting and those with intentional overdoses – PhD
  3. Child and Adolescent Self Harm in Europe (CASE) – PhD
  4. All Injury Surveillance / INTEGRIS
  5. Cross-cultural comparison of DSH and associated factors in 8 European regions (NICE-SP)
  6. Assessment and aftercare of deliberate self harm patients presenting to Emergency Departments
  7. Registry of DSH in the Western Area of NI (NSRF is key collaborator)



  1. Risk and protective factors in relation to suicide amongst people who resided in industrial schools as children: a pilot psychological autopsy study
  2. Development of a Suicide Support and Information System: a pilot study
  3. Form 104: Suicide trends: 2002-2006
  4. EU comparative study on suicide trends (NICS-SP)
  5. New/Proposal – Development of a system to link DSH and suicide mortality data: Proposal in progress