The Health Research Board (HRB)
Interdisciplinary Capacity Enhancement (ICE) Award

What is the HRB ICE Award?

This  postdoctoral fellowship scheme is aimed at building and attracting capacity into population health and health services research. Through a team-based approach, this will enable the development of partnerships between researchers, practitioners and decision makers in policy and health service delivery.

The ICE Awards initiative is a strategic initiative to address gaps in capacity, build on existing investment, strength and capabilities and encourage partnership and collaboration between the population health research and health services research communities and clinical researchers.  Applicant teams must be interdisciplinary in nature to ensure that fellows receive appropriate training and mentoring in contextual, methodological and other issues related to their work and they develop skills and competencies required for successful interdisciplinary and trans-sectoral research in population health and health services research.

What Project was awarded in the NSRF?

Dr. Elaine McMahon was awarded the ICE Grant in 2012

Study Aim:
This study involves using existing large scale data-sets to address
important questions in the area of youth suicidal behaviour.
Personnel Involved: Lead Principal Investigator: Prof. Mary Cannon (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland).
Other Investigators: Dr. Paul Corcoran (NSRF; Cork University Maternity Hospital); Dr. Helen Keeley (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services); Mr Derek Chambers (Inspire Ireland); Dr. Mary Clarke (Royal
College of Surgeons in Ireland); Prof. Pat McGorry (Orygan Centre Melbourne), Ms. Eileen Williamson.
Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Dr. Elaine McMahon.

Specific objectives 2015:
• Co-coordination of the data collection for the Horizons study with
Helen Coughlan (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland) Dublin.