Study of Untimely Sudden Deaths and People Who
Took Their Lives While in the Care of the Mental
Health Services (SSIS-PAM)

Study Aim:
This study aims to identify common risk factors, relationships, contagion
effects and common patterns in access to mental health services
associated with premature deaths, involving a potential cluster of 29

Personnel Involved:
Principal Investigator: Prof. Ella Arensman; Ms. Eileen Williamson.
Postdoctoral Researcher: Dr. Colette Corry

Specific objectives for 2015:
• Completion and presentation of interim report.
• Final data analysis and report writing:
1) Internal Report;
2) Executive Summary/Evidence Brief
3) Paper for peer review journal
• Proposal for further implementation of the SSIS Psychological Autopsy
Model in mental health services at national level.
• Implementation of study recommendations in collaboration with the
Donegal Mental Health Service.