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Investigating the relationship between childhood sexual abuse, self-harm repetition and suicidal intent: mixed-methods study. Troya MI, Cully G, Leahy D, Cassidy E, Sadath A, Nicholson S, Ramos Costa AP, Alberdi-Paramo I, Jeffers A, Shiely F, Arensman E. BJPsych Open , Volume 7 , Issue 4

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The impact of guidance on the supply of codeine-containing products on their use in intentional drug overdose. Birchall E, Perry IJ, Corcoran P, Daly C, Griffin E. European Journal of Public Health

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A cost-effectiveness analysis of dialectical behaviour therapy for treating individuals with borderline personality disorder in the community.                                                                                                                            Murphy A, Bourke J, Flynn D, Kells M, Joyce M. Irish Journal of Medical Science (In press)

Hospital-presenting self-harm and ideation: Comparison of incidence, profile and risk of repetition.              Griffin E, Bonner B, O’Hagan D, Kavalidou K, Corcoran P. General Hospital Psychiatry (In press)

Psychosocial, psychiatric and work-related risk factors associated with suicide in Ireland: optimised methodological approach of a case-control psychological autopsy study.                                                            Arensman E, Larkin C, McCarthy J, Leitao S, Corcoran P, William E et al.  BMC Psychiatry, 19:275

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Psychosocial Interventions for People Who Self-Harm: Methodological Issues Involved in Trials to Evaluate Effectiveness
Witt K, Townsend E, Arensman E, Gunnell D, Hazell P,  Taylor Salisbury t, Van Heeringen K, Hawton K. Archives of Suicide Research

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Correlates of sexual initiation among European adolescents.
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Borderline personality disorder: resource utilisation costs in Ireland 
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Media reporting of suicide and adherence to media guidelines
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Treatment as usual (TAU) as a control condition in trials of cognitive behavioural-based psychotherapy for self-harm: Impact of content and quality on outcomes in a systematic review

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