Eileen Williamson
    Chief Executive Officer
        Dr Paul Corcoran
        Head of Research
            Prof Ella Arensman
            Chief Scientist and Professor of Public Mental Health

              Research Team

                Sarah Nicholson
                Data Protection Officer/Quality Manager
                    Nora Conway
                    Research Assistant
                        Niall McTernan
                        Executive Research and Operations Manager
                            Georgie O’Sullivan
                            Data Manager, NSHRI
                                Fenella Ryan
                                Research Project Coordinator
                                    Eileen Hegarty
                                    Operations Manager (Finance)
                                        Dr Shelly Chakraborty
                                        Post-Doctoral Researcher and Data Analyst, NSHRI
                                            Dr Selena O’Connell
                                            Post-doctoral Researcher
                                                Dr Mary Joyce
                                                Manager NSHRI/Research Fellow
                                                    Dr Katerina Kavalidou
                                                    Post-doctoral Researcher and Database Manager
                                                        Dr Grace Cully
                                                        Post-Doctoral Researcher, PRISM/EAAD-BEST
                                                            Dr Clíodhna O’Connor
                                                            Post-Doctoral Researcher, NOSP/ MENTUPP
                                                                Dr Caroline Daly
                                                                Post-doctoral Researcher and Research Officer IASP
                                                                    Doireann Ní Dhálaigh
                                                                    Research Officer
                                                                        Dr Caleb Leduc
                                                                        Post-Doctoral Researcher, MENTUPP

                                                                          HRB Research Leaders Award

                                                                            Karen Mulcahy
                                                                            Research Administrator, HRB RLA
                                                                                Eunice T.Philip
                                                                                Research Assistant (SHARE Project)
                                                                                    Dr Isabela Troya
                                                                                    Post-Doctoral Researcher HRB RLA
                                                                                        Dr Anvar Sadath
                                                                                        Post-Doctoral Researcher HRB RLA
                                                                                            Ruth Benson
                                                                                            PHD Candidate, HRB RLA/ IASP Research Officer

                                                                                              HRB Emerging Investigators Award

                                                                                                Dr Eve Griffin
                                                                                                Research Fellow HRB EIA
                                                                                                    Dr Eimear Ruane-McAteer
                                                                                                    Post-Doctoral Researcher, PRISM

                                                                                                      HRB Applied Research into Policy and Practice

                                                                                                        Dr Elaine McMahon
                                                                                                        Research Fellow in Youth Mental Health

                                                                                                          DBT Team

                                                                                                            Emily Boylan
                                                                                                            Research Officer, DBT
                                                                                                                Stephanie Wall
                                                                                                                Research Officer, DBT
                                                                                                                    Louise Dunne
                                                                                                                    Project Co-Ordinator, DBT