Our Research

Our Research

The National Suicide Research Foundation undertakes research into a variety of topics relating to the causes of suicide, self-harm and related mental health and social factors in Ireland.

NSRF Research Strategy

Our small team brings a variety of perspectives to our research including; psychology, psychiatry, medicine, sociology, epidemiology, public health, biostatistics and health services research.

Each year, our research is published in different ways:

  1. Journal Articles: Our research features regularly in many peer-reviewed journals
  2. Reports: Including our Annual Report, National Registry of Deliberate Self-Harm, Suicide Support and Information System and more
  3. Presentations: From a variety of events, including conferences, lectures and our Public Information Evenings
  4. Leaflets: From various projects that we have undertaken and also other items that we have created ourselves
  5. Research Bulletins: Updates on our research, events and publications

If you would like electronic or hard copies of any of our research or you are interested in being added to our mailing list, for quarterly updates about our research, vacancies and upcoming free events, please contact infonsrf@ucc.ie