What is Suicide?

          ‘the act of deliberately killing oneself’

          – World Health Organisation (WHO)


Suicide in Ireland was de-criminalised in 1993, an act that precipitated Ireland’s suicide prevention activities

In Ireland in the 1960s, coroners were the primary providers of such information to the CSO. At this time, suicide was considered a crime in Ireland and religious sanctions against suicide were in place.


Ireland had one of the lowest offcial suicide rates in Europe, though significant underreporting of suicide was suspected.

Since 1980, the male suicide rate continued to rise whereas the female rate remained stable. However, the suicide rate among young Irish women doubled in the last decade.

Cork City and County (2008 -2011)

The Suicide Support and Information System (SSIS) collected data from Cork City and Cork County from 2008 – 2011.

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