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National Self Harm Registry Ireland

Information Leaflet

Family Information Packs

Donegal Mental Health Services

Suicide Support and Information

GP and Primary Care Professionals 

Mind yourself Leaflet

Mind Yourself


European Alliance Against Depression (EAAD) Leaflets

Cork: EAAD Leaflet for Adults

Cork: EAAD Leaflet for Young People

Kerry: EAAD Leaflet for Adults

Kerry: EAAD Leaflet for Young People


Optimizing Suicide Prevention Programs and their Implementation in Europe (OSPI) Leaflets

Limerick: OSPI Leaflet for Adults

Limerick: OSPI Poster for Adults

Limerick: OSPI Leaflet for Adolescents

Limerick: OSPI Poster for Adolescents


National Service Inventory

National Service Inventory