Suicide Statistics

In Ireland, national suicide statistics are provided by the Central Statistics Office (CSO). These annual figures are usually published with a delay of approximately two years or longer.

The most recent suicide figures available are for 2019 (provisional) and the most recent confirmed figures are for 2017. The reason for the delay is due to a number of factors in the death classification system including delays with coroner’s and inquests. A commentary providing an explanation of the CSO process and the legal determination of the cause of death can be found here. 

Provisional rates for the previous year are usually released in the first half of the following year. Date/month of release is variable. Please visit the Vital statistics section of the CSO website for updates.

For further information, the National Office for Suicide Prevention briefing documents on suicide figures are available.

For information on suicide rates in Northern Ireland, please visit NISRA (the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency) .