Dr Colette Corry

Senior Post-Doctoral Researcher

Dr Colette Corry is a senior researcher on the SSIS Psychological Autopsy Model currently underway in County Donegal.  Colette graduated from Ulster University with a first class honours degree in Psychology before undertaking a full time PhD programme at UU Magee in Derry.  Her research examined suicidality throughout the lifespan, with an emphasis on childhood adversity and developing psychopathology.  This thesis received the British Psychological Society’s award for Best Postgraduate Thesis in Statistical Excellence in 2010 and formed the basis of a successful large scale DEL funded award to develop the Northern Ireland coroner’s Suicide Database.  Colette has also conducted research for the Northern Ireland Victim’s Commission, Foyle Search and Rescue and contributed to the development of officer protocol at suicide sites with the PSNI.

On completion of her post-doctoral training, Colette was appointed senior researcher on the SSIS PAM at the National Suicide Research Foundation.  This NOSP funded study of suicide risk and how it affects bereaved family members was initiated in County Donegal to assist development of new clinical best practice guidelines, and has now been rolled out to cover five counties with the aim of an All-Ireland implementation strategy.