Justina Hurley

Senior Researcher, DBT

Justina is working part time as a Senior Research Officer on the National Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Project. The project is responsible for the coordinated implementation and evaluation of DBT in Ireland.

Justina joined the NSRF in 2015 and worked with Professor Ella Arensman on the development of the WHO practice manual for establishing and maintaining surveillance systems for suicide attempts and self-harm as well as conducting research relating to institutional abuse in Ireland.

Justina holds a MA in English from UCC and spent many years working in Corporate Communications management in the UK and Ireland. She has written extensively for various business publications over the years and continues a freelance consultancy role in this area.

Her interest in health related communications led to the decision to return to UCC in 2014 to undertake a Masters in Epidemiology and Public Health (MPH). She received her MPH in 2015 from UCC where she also tutors on the MPH programme.