The 16th ESSSB

Since more than 30 years ago, researchers and clinicians on suicidology, gather to discuss and address advances on suicide prevention and intervention, share a wide variety of approaches to this field and yield to develop and promote collaborative initiatives of investigation. The ESSSB16 will be a tailored congress with an integrative and holistic focus on suicide and suicidal behaviours. We expect to arrange a high-level scientific program embracing current trend and in vogue topics of suicidology.

This unique event will surely display enthusiasm, crave for knowledge, and experience sharing with colleagues. We also look forward to welcome outstanding state-of-the-art lectures, plenary lectures and core symposia that will contribute to a creditable update on the latest achievements in this scientific field.

Next ESSSB16 symposium will take place in Oviedo, Spain. Oviedo dates back to the early Middle Ages and holds the titles of “very noble, very loyal, worthy, undefeated, heroic and good ‘. The city of more than 220,000 residents is the provincial capital of Asturias and is home to a distinct architectural style called Asturian pre-Romanesque. Of relevance are the Princess of Asturias Awards, which aims to contribute extolling and promoting those scientific, cultural and humanistic values that form part of the universal heritage of humanity. Finally, Asturian cuisine is one of the most renowned in Spain, bringing together as it does prime quality produce with the accumulated know-how of a centuries-old tradition.