Self-Harm Assessment and Management programme for General Hospitals (SAMAGH)

Project Overview

SAMAGH is an advanced training program designed to improve the assessment, management, and support of high-risk self-harm patients.

The program consists of two parts: an E-Learning program and a one-day face-to-face simulation training course facilitated by experienced clinicians. Developed by Prof. Ella Arensman and an interdisciplinary team, SAMAGH was funded by the HRB and HSE’s National Office for Suicide Prevention.

The program focuses on improving the assessment and management of individuals engaging in frequent self-harm repetition. The SAMAGH training was initially delivered to 35 healthcare professionals in Ireland between 2019-2021 to improve the assessment and management of high-risk self-harm. Further support from HSE’s NOSP extended the SAMAGH training to two more hospital staff groups (CNSs, NCHDs, psychiatry registrars) in 2022 and 2023, to provide General Practitioners in Ireland with the same training.

Project Aims

The SAMAGH evaluation study will address specific aims:

  • Assess the impact of the SAMAGH training for mental health professionals in hospital settings on overall repeated self-harm rates as well as in the two subgroups of high-risk patients.
  • Determine whether the SAMAGH training is associated with increased mental health assessments being
    conducted with self-harm patients.
  • Conduct a process evaluation to understand the feasibility of implementing the SAMAGH training and
    its effect on health professionals’ knowledge, attitudes and skills on assessment and management of self-harm patients.

Team Members Involved

Prof Ella Arensman, Dr Anvar Sadath, Almas Khan and Dr Aileen Callanan

Recent Publications