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MENTUPP: Mental Health Promotion and Intervention in Occupational Settings

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Healthcare Leaflet

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All Sectors Leaflet

SAMAGH Training

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PREVENTING SUICIDE: A resource for filmmakers and others working on stage and screen

WHO Resource Booklet

National Self Harm Registry Ireland

The National Self-Harm Registry Ireland records information about self-harm presentations to hospital Emergency Departments across the country. Information leaflets and posters are displayed in hospital Emergency Departments and other relevant areas of the hospital.

Registry Leaflet 2024

Registry Poster 2024

Family Information Packs

Donegal Mental Health Services

Suicide Support and Information

GP and Primary Care Professionals


Depression in Children & Adolescents for Parents Leaflet

Depression in Children & Adolescents for Teachers Leaflet

Depression Support Services in Cork and Kerry Leaflet

Depression Can Affect Anyone Leaflet

Suicide Prevention Module for Undergraduate Health and Social Care Students

Seminar and World Cafe Guide