Pawel Hursztyn

PhD scholar/ Research Support Officer

Pawel is a PhD scholar involved in the HRB-funded MHAINTAIN project titled “How should mental healthcare services in Ireland and Australia prepare for public health emergencies? An exploratory mixed methods study” based at the National Suicide Research Foundation and the School of Public Health, University College Cork. Pawel holds a Master of Public Health/Epidemiology and an Honours BSc in Public Health from University College Cork, where he pursued courses to enhance his understanding of epidemiology, study designs, and statistical analysis methods applicable in research.

Since 2019, Pawel has been working as a Research Support Officer at the National Suicide Research Foundation (NSRF), contributing to various projects such as the National Self-Harm Registry Ireland, Self-Harm in Irish Prisons Registry, C-SSHRI project, PRISM project led by Dr. Eve Griffin, and Self-Harm in Irish Prisons project led by Dr. Paul Corcoran.

Pawel’s interests lie in epidemiology, research design, and statistical methods applied in research. With experience at NSRF, knowledge gained from the MHAINTAIN project, and academic qualifications, his focus is on mental health research, particularly in areas such as suicide, self-harm, and depression.