What is C-SSHRI?

Connecting for Life is Ireland’s national plan to reduce suicide 2015-2024. One key strategic goals is to improve surveillance, evaluation and high-quality research relating to suicidal behaviour.

In addressing this goal, specifically Action 7.4.2, C-SSHRI project partners (National Suicide Research Foundation (NSRF), the Higher Education Authority (HEA) and the National Office for Suicide Prevention (NOSP)) are committed to co-ordinating and streamlining self-harm and suicide-related research completed on the island of Ireland.

The NSRF have established an internal Project Management Team to conduct the research. The Project Steering Group, with representation from the NSRF, the HEA and NOSP, will oversee project work and will report to the Connecting for Life Working Group.

This exciting project will enhance collaboration between researchers across the island of Ireland, facilitate a wider dissemination of research findings, increase awareness of ongoing research, and through combined experience and expertise, create a ‘community of influence’ with respect to suicide and self-harm policy and commissioned research.

Project Aims:

To co-ordinate and streamline research related to suicide and self-harm, completed on the island of Ireland. Specifically:

  • Investigate literature to identify published suicide and self-harm research, and associated researchers.
  • Develop a central research repository
  • Establish a network of researchers.
  • Organise annual workshops and seminars to facilitate collaboration.