PRoviding Improved care for Self-harM: a mixed-methods study of intervention, economic and implementation outcomes from a national clinical programme – PRISM

What is the PRISM Project?

In 2019, funding was awarded as part of the Health Research Board’s Emerging Investigators Award programme, for a four-year programme to examine outcomes for individuals who present to hospital as a result of self-harm.

The project is a collaboration between University College Cork, National Suicide Research Foundation and the Irish Health Service Executive. The project commenced in September 2019, and will be funded until August 2023.

Project Aims

  • Examine the clinical management of self-harm and its impact on risk of repeat self-harm, suicide and premature mortality.
  • Examine the impact of a National Clinical Programme for self-harm on patient outcomes, processes of care and economic savings.
  • Identify the determinants contributing to the implementation of this Clinical Programme across Irish hospitals.

This project will maximise the use of routinely available national data. A mixed-methods approach will deliver actionable findings which will contribute to optimising services and outcomes for individuals who engage in self-harm, ultimately reducing deaths by suicide and other external causes. Findings will directly inform service delivery and contribute to national policy.

Personnel Involved

Dr Eve Griffin and Dr Eimear Ruane-McAteer.

Recent Publications