Strategic Research Cluster: Surveillance of Self-Harm, Suicide and Mental Health Problems

This is our largest research cluster, currently involving seven different projects. These projects are related to the development and maintenance of suicide and self-harm surveillance systems, which allow us to collect data and closely monitor trends.

The National Self-Harm Registry Ireland (NSHRI) our primary surveillance system,  funded by HSE NOSP, is in operation since 2000.

In 2015, the World Health Organisation endorsed the template of the NSHRI for global implementation. This led to the development of the WHO Practice Manual for Establishing and Maintaining Surveillance Systems for Suicide Attempts and Self-Harm (WHO, 2016). The NSRF has since been invited to work with many different countries to help them establish multi-centre self-harm surveillance systems, for example, Russia, Ecuador and Kazakhstan.

NSRF staff members have an extensive track record in self-harm and suicide surveillance. Our reports and peer-reviewed journal articles can be found in Publications and Outputs.

This research cluster is currently comprised of the following projects: