Dr Shelly Chakraborty

Post-Doctoral Researcher and Data Analyst, NSHRI

Shelly is a data analyst and a post-doctoral researcher working on the National Self-Harm Registry, Ireland (NSHRI) at the National Suicide Research Foundation (NSRF). 

She has an undergraduate honours degree in Statistics and a Masters degree in Statistics. She completed her doctoral degree in Public health from University College Cork. Shelly’s PhD was funded by the Health Research Board of Ireland and the Centre for Health and Diet Research. Her thesis quantified the non-communicable disease burden in Ireland, trends in the forecasted burden to the year 2040, tried to disentangle the drivers of the burden change and estimated the related economic loss that was incurred from this burden.  

Shelly currently lectures on several courses on advanced statistics, biostatistics, study designs, coding, and academic writing in various departments in University College Cork. She supervises Masters thesis in Public health (MPH) at UCC. She is a mentor, statistical advisor and consultant to MPH students and researchers within and outside UCC. 

Over the years, Shelly has worked with various national and international institutes like the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Parma, Health Research Board of Ireland, and the National Cancer Registry of Ireland. Her research expertise and work interests are in the area of mental health, suicide research, substance misuse, gambling and alcohol research, dementia and related care, cancer services and burden of disease.  

Please note: Shelly is currently on maternity leave