Project Overview

This multidisciplinary Working Group (WG) has representations from the Department of Health, the HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention, the Health Products Regulatory Authority, the Irish Pharmacy Union, the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland and the NSRF, with input from retail bodies.

The current objectives of the WG relate to enhancing information and support training development for pharmacy and non-pharmacy retail sector staff, collaborating on preventative interventions, and support interventions required following market surveillance work regarding paracetamol sales legislation.

Evaluation is a core component of the WG and is integrated into the lifecycle of the group.

Project Aims

The aim of this WG is to collaborate on actions to prevent paracetamol-related intentional drug overdose by optimising adherence to existing legislation limiting access to paracetamol.

Specifically, this WG will support Action 6.1.2 of Connecting for Life: Continue improvements in adherence to the legislation limiting access to paracetamol through raising awareness amongst retailers and the public and the use of point-of-sale systems.

Team Members Involved

Dr Michelle O’Driscoll, Dr Caroline Daly, Prof Ella Arensman, Dr Eve Griffin