Project Overview

This is the first large-scale national study of people bereaved by suicide in Ireland. This study will provide a better understanding of the psychosocial and mental health impacts of suicide bereavement in Ireland; insight into the range of informal and formal supports accessed; identification of unmet needs and challenges of accessing appropriate and timely supports; and contributing to general population awareness of the impacts of suicide.

This project is a collaboration with Healing Untold Grief Groups (HUGG) and is funded under the HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention (NOSP) collaborative grant scheme.

Project Aims

Using an online survey approach, the specific objectives of study are to:

  • Examine the profile, characteristics and psychosocial wellbeing of adults bereaved or affected by suicide in
  • Determine the types of suicide bereavement supports both informal and formal – utilised by adults in
  • Examine the experiences of receiving or engaging with supports, the associated barriers and facilitators, and
    the perceived gaps and unmet needs in postvention supports.

Recent Publications

Experiences and Outcomes of People Attending Suicide Bereavement Peer Support – Short report.

Team Members Involved

Dr Eve Griffin and Dr Selena O’Connell